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Victorian Fan with a Message

(All photos and description courtesy of M. Pearson.)

A magnificent Victorian/Edwardian fan, in Ivory Silk with bone or ivory stays. The lace on this piece is amazingly intricate, and completely intact. The silk part is extremely was crafted as two pieces of gossamer-thin silk, with the bone stays between them. There are some frayed weak spots and tears, but the fan is completely intact, able to be opened and closed gently, which is rare for a piece of such delicacy and age. The lace is very strong, and the sequins have also helped to preserve the integrity of this fan. It would be perfect framed, as a boudoir piece...such a romantic look for a Victorian or Edwardian (Titanic) style bedroom. The sticks and endpieces are made of intricately carved bone or ivory (I can't tell which). The detailing on this is incredible...the hinge is secured by 2 tiny mother of pearl discs, and the original heavy satin bridal ribbon is still attached to the fan!! (This would have been used to suspend the fan from the bride's waist or wrist). Also of note is the original box this comes with. It's a sturdy white box engraved, "Abraham & Strauss, Brooklyn, NY". The reverse has been inscribed, "Good Luck! From Dorothy Ryder, September 27, 1906" in blue ink. A&S was Brooklyn's biggest department store, and in 1906 was a very chic place for ladies to shop. This was almost certainly a wedding or shower gift, and would make a lovely, romantic addition to any collection. I have tried to photograph the fan up close so you can see both the exquistite workmanship and the extent of damage. Please look at the photos carefully before bidding, and remember to ask any questions you may have. This is an amazing piece of historical art, but it is NOT perfect. There apperas to be some discoloration of the sequins in some of the pics...this is NOT on the's reflection from the camera flash.

Fan Box

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