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Corset c.1840's

(Photo's and description courtesy of e-bay seller, "ariava100".)

This corset c. 1840 or possibly earlier is an incredible and rare find. It is entirely handsewn with stitches so tiny and even as to appear to be machine sewn until upon closer inspection and with the aid of a loop, you can see that it is actually backstitched. There are also tiny knots on the inside where each length of thread was tied off. The eyelets for lacing up the back are reinforced with what appears to be bone rings which are all present. The outside fabric is a brushed cotton, the lining a sturdy cotton drill and the edging a twill type cotton tape.(The color is really more of a cream than white as some of the photos portray it). Each of the “lines” on the garment are actually a piece of narrow cord sewn into a channel--can you imagine the time that went into making this piece?! There is a channel measuring 1 1/4” wide in the center front to accommodate a busk--I have tried to show this in one of the photos. The overall condition of this piece is excellent, it’s only flaw being some rust colored spots here and there. Measures as follows when laced edge to edge: Bust 30”, Waist 22” and Length 14 1/2”( this does not include the shoulder straps).

Full view front
Closeup front
Full view back
Closeup back
Closeup eyelets
Closeup fabric

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